PhoToems by Nance Van Winckel | The Butte Series
Created 17-Jan-12
26 photos

My photographs of Butte facades—digitally augmented with small poems and graphic material.
* indicates a piece has been published. Thanks to Lyle Morse for the blues song! To hear more of Lyle's music, visit:
* Footnote Palace (in TERRAIN)* Butte Carriage Works (in TERRAIN)*nancy drew and the mystery of Butte (forthcoming in HOTHOUSE)* What Is the Who? (in TERRAIN)hat out of the rabbit's mouthCloth Screen on Concrete Wall (from the Wm. Clark Mansion)No Trespassing* What, Inc. (in TERRAIN)*The Great Maw (in HOTHOUSE)Asunder*How Came She Fastened to be Loose? (forthcoming in HOTHOUSE)Pass On What We Say/Drop DeadLargest Stack in the WorldShook by the Tail of the Devil You KnowWally's Bon AmiWrongly Right-minded, Rightly Wrong-minded*Feathers in Our Own Caps (forthcoming in HOTHOUSE)*All Drowned, Sir! (forthcoming in HOTHOUSE)*The Witch, The Sailor, and The Monkey*Patti's Place

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