Czech Mate! Gotcha, dude...(non-registered)
Wanna lottsa gobbsa
adventures'n 7thHeaven?
● ●
You're everything to me, girl;
you're everything to God.
● ●
Though I seem odd,
7thHeaven is odd, 2,
where we can be 1.
Coming, dear??
Kathleen Flenniken(non-registered)
Coming back to see what you've been up to. Always surprising, always takes me away and inspires me. You're such an artist, Nance.
Clifton Dozier Photography(non-registered)
Love your eye for art. Just popped in to admire your work.
Robert Elsee(non-registered)
NANCE, you are something else. Great article and interview and congratulations on the various awards. I am honored to be your friend.
Nancy Roth(non-registered)
Hello, Nance. I found your site by happy accident, and am enjoying your work. I hope to see more of it, and in the whatever is the equivalent of flesh in this case.

Maureen Alsop(non-registered)
Whoo-hoo!! Awesome! So fun!! Thanks Nance!! There is so much to be inspired by here!!
Paul Lindholdt(non-registered)
Dear Nance, I love your work more all the time and am honored to have you as a friend. I am touting your photoems to professor friends out of state and sharing this site with them. XO
Francine McGinty(non-registered)
Love your work & love you.
Diane Schoemperlen(non-registered)
These are fabulous, Nance! I would like to see the ones in the ALtered Books gallery but it keeps asking for a password.
Christy Ferrato(non-registered)
Love the work Nance!!!!!
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