Help! A collision! A collusion! Poetry crashes in to photography.

My visual art pieces draw from the traditions of urban landscape photography, collage, mural, and graffiti art. I begin with a digital photo I’ve taken. Then, via Photoshop, I add other images I've generated, e.g., old ads (now in the public domain) or black & white images I’ve photo-copied from 1930’s school textbooks, hand-colored, and scanned back in. Then, I add small bits of my own text— mini-poems, if you will.

My main background in the arts has been poetry. I'm the author of six collections of poems and have received two National Endowment Grants in Literature. I want the word elements that I place in a photograph to function first as visual components and of course to work in linguistically interesting ways too. But after many years as a writer (I have three books of short stories too), I realize what I love most are IMAGES. I love to touch 'em and squeeze 'em; I love to dance between 'em, torque 'em, freeze 'em, nibble 'em, and blast 'em to smithereens.
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