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Created 17-Jan-12
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Small poems and graphic augmentations (digitally, of course) to these train cars. * indicates a piece that's been published in a literary journal. ^ Thanks to Amanda Shires for permission to use her amazing song, "When You Need A Train," with the slideshow here.
*Whatever's in the pie—who cares? (published in Peep/Show)*Wormhole is to Theory as Flame is to Flint ( pub. in MUDSEASON)*Conflicting Theodices (Published in Peep/Show)*Close This Door First (Published in Peep/Show)Your West Vs. My West (Published in Peep/Show)*Holy the Quitter (Published in Peep/Show)saigon buddha dream (for Jane Doe) (Published in Peep/Show)After Threats of Sleet, the Sleet (Published in Peep/Show)Golden West Service (Published in Peep/Show)Seein' Stars (Published in Peep/Show)the stone of you (Published in Peep/Show)*Tongue Tide (Published in Peep/Show)*Mere Morsels (Published in Peep/Show)Your Can't Make This Shit Up (Published in Peep/Show)

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