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Created 17-Jan-12
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Buildings, Nance-enhanced, from the West & Northwest. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . * indicates the piece has been published in a journal.
We Were HereSteer Into the SkidClandestinityWall with Poetry War in ProcessAlive Under the WeatherOn the barren subject of the stateOppositional Bank*Ashes to Bless, blah blah, we pass.*Don't Bore the Horses*After the organ beat, the organ harvest. After the organ bank, a harvest beat.*After the Tugging at the Sleeve, the Sleevelessness*Giddied-Up was How You Liked You BestSpeak the Truth, Dear Muff*Half of What Haunts Us* The Other Half of What Haunts (in TERRAIN)*Bite is to Grin as Wink is to Star* Infidel (in TERRAIN)* Trust No Muscle (in TERRAIN)* Girls Love (in TERRAIN)*Frosted Lucretius on a Wall (published in Matter Press)

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Category:Architecture and Structures
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Keywords:graffiti, pho-toem, phoToem, poetry, urban, urban art,, visual, visual-verbal