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Created 13-Sep-12
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Thanks to these literary journals for featuring my visual poems! And thanks to Caridwen Irvine-Spatz and Mighty Squirrel for this song.
Disintegrating State (in CLADE SONG)Tongue Tide (in CLADE SONG)The Rapture Came, Went (in SHADOW BOX)Patti's Place (in CINCINNATI REVIEW)the witch the sailor and the monkey (in CINCINNATI REVIEW)say pepsi, plea (in CINCINNATI REVIEW)roo 'n boo love more than you (in CINCINNATI REVIEW)After the Tugging at the Sleeve, the Sleevelessness (in CINCINNATI REVIEW)Don't Bore the Horses (in CINCINNATI REVIEW)Bite is to Grin as Wink is to Star (in CINCINNATI REVIEW)Kid You Not Was How We Loved You Best (in DARK SKY)Half of What Haunts Us (in DARK SKY)Giddied-Up was How You Liked You Best  (in DARK SKY)long story short (in SHADOW BOX)colette in clarksdale (in SHADOW BOX)Your Third Cousins Thrice Removed (in SHADOW BOX)After the organ beat, the organ harvest. After the organ bank, a harvest beat (in SHADOW BOX)Whatever's in the pie—who cares?(in CASCADIA REVIEW)It's Been Forever (in CASCADIA REVIEW)Summer's Whistle of Wind (in CASCADIA REVIEW)

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