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WESTERN FACADES: IngrateWESTERN FACADES: Girls LoveWESTERN FACADES: Shirt of a Dead MisterWALL BABIES: Live Woman in HalvesWALL BABIES: Dinosaur GirlsTRAINS: Boxcar Room: Holy the QuitterTRAIN: Boxcar Room: the stone of youBUTTE SERIES: What, Inc.BUTTE SERIES: What Is the Who?BUTTE SERIES: How Came She Fastened to be Loose?NOT FROM HERE: house of moodsNOT FROM HERE: Poisoned PoisonerNOT FROM HERE: *long story shortNOT FROM HERE: *Other SideWhat the Hands SayALTERED BOOK PAGE: U is for UniformsALTERED BOOK PAGE: *Dress & Other Sweet Accouterments (from Vol. D), forthcoming in Southeast Review*ALTERED BOOK PAGE: Non-Yielding FieldsALTERED BOOK PAGE: swimming hole, polinaALTERED BOOK PAGE: the strike years

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